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De Angeli Prodotti offers to everyone equal work opportunities: our employees come from multicultural contexts without distinction of gender or race. Hiring is done throughout the year.

What are De Angeli Prodotti successful application? Our candidates have passion, are reliable, they are determined, they know how to make and create integration. They are motivated people and critical thinkers. They want to take the initiative and are eager to manage their professional development. Successful candidates are people who like to work in groups, are able to play different roles in different contexts and share our core values.

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Maximum importance is given to continuous quality control carried out by expert staff both in the production departments and in our laboratory.
Team spirit
Our staff is motivated by common goals that push everyone to work together and collaborate as a team.
Our Research & Development department consists of qualified staff able to offer new technological solutions.
People who work in De Angeli Prodotti have the right determination to face and overcome all difficulties to the fullest.
We take bold decisions maintaining the stability necessary to remain successful even during emergency situations.

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We apply an iter that allows us to quickly evaluate the fitness of a person, with respect to talent and sharing of corporate culture and values that guide our every behavior.

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