"Top forming 2010" prize from Fòrema

Fòrema awarded De Angeli Prodotti for "Top forming" 2010 for our project of internal training: dissemination of culture "lean" with a view to continuing education.

For De Angeli Prodotti, Higher Education plays a key role: "The most important course covered the 'lean manufacturing' - says the president Luca Mora - because it involved eight business leaders and was part of a project to improve organizational extends over the whole of the human resources. "The training does not stop at this important point: "The collaboration with Fòrema continues, we are in fact studying the possibility of other courses with a view to continuing education. Among those already built, another course that has aroused great enthusiasm was that for the group management, which was attended by about twenty people, not only managers, but also shift leaders and young people of high potential. "