Thervest 200 LL

Getting more with less - "Long Life Magnet Wire"



The standard enamelled wire used for winding is produced using a quite old process. Today is possible to build a new type of conductor using the best technology available on the market, to optimize the electrical performance allowing the reduction of the overall thickness of enamel. 
Looking to the future, De Angeli Prodotti accepts the challenge to innovate the enamelled wire.
One solution that can help to resolve different problems. 



De Angeli Prodotti is developing a new technology looking towards a new solution: 
a thin layer of paint is deposed on the conductor, by enamelling the varnish on it. After this phase, a  curing is necessary to allow the paint to adhere to the surface and obtain the desired performances.



Which are the advantages of this technology? 
Our laboratory tests shown that LL Family significantly improves dielectric performance under continuous electrical solicitation. In this field LL Grade 2 performance is comparable to a standard Grade 3 wire at 4 and 8kV.
Other test  performed at 4 kV confirm this behaviour and show that LL Family can resist five times the standard wire
This means less coatings, longer life and higher filling factors.


prestazioni confronto thervest 200 ll

Fig. 1: BDV Time-To Failure at 8 kV AC


bdv test 4kv

Fig. 2: BDV test at 4kV



De Angeli Prodotti has developed an innovative wire to improve the electrical performances of magnet wire.
This technology is well known for us and the costumer interest for this product is very high.