Round and flat enameled wire


De Angeli Prodotti produces a large variety of wires and enamelled strips through best processing technologies, to fully meet customers requirements and to keep an high production profile.
The typology of enamels used in wires and strips enamelling process are very diversified, as well as the enamels thicknesses; this aspects, with the contribution of a wide dimensional and mechanical properties range of the conductor material,  allow to produce a significant variety of enamelled products.



Wires and strips are produced in our drawing division by dimensional calibrating and closely following the various production steps.
Subsequently the wire or the strip goes to our enamelling division where, thanks to the right process planning made by our qualified staff, occurs the conductor covering with insulating enamel. During this decisive phase, the product properties are constantly monitored to obtain the best results.



Wires and strips can be enamelled with different varnishes (comply concerning normatives):

Varnishes concerning normatives
   Enamelled Round Wires Enamelled flat conductors

Adhexal H (180°C) IEC317-15

Adhexal 200 (200°C) IEC317-25

Adhexal H (180°C) NEMA 1000 MW36A

Adhexal 200 (200°C) NEMA 1000 MW36A


Thervest H (180°C) IEC60317-8

Thervest 200 (200°C) IEC60317-13

Bondvest H (180°C) IEC317-37 

Thervest H (180°C) IEC60317-28

Thervest 200 (200°C) IEC60317-29

To have different types of enamels, permit to apply the most suitable varnish for the conditions and perfomances  to which the conductor is assigned.


De Angeli Prodotti is able to provide a large variety of copper and aluminium enamelled wires and strips, to obtain optimized performances. In this way they could compose electrical organs with different properties and powers.