A new video to inform installers on the proper use of reels on installation sites

De Angeli Prodotti produces an informative video to train installers to properly manage the reels on the installation sites.

Video istruzioni bobine su QR code

Over the years and thanks to the experience of our operators and installers who work on behalf of our customers, we identified a set of guidelines for the proper handling of the reels on the installation sites.

We made a video that illustrates and describes the steps to follow, including warnings to unload, upload and store the wood and iron reels used to store our overhead conductors (aluminum overhead conductors, HTLS, ACSS ...).

Soon a QR code will be put on each reel (see figure). The code will allow anyone with an Internet connection and a device capable of reading the two-dimensional barcode (so from any smartphone!) to access to the video.