Lean Thinking

In De Angeli Prodotti we plan to follow the change in the context of the adoption of the philosophy of "Lean Thinking".

Today, being good in our work is no longer enough, you have to be the best, this is our new challenge. It is an ambitious goal and to do that you have to continually improve, as taught the "Kaizen" philosophy.
One of the fundamental concepts is the reduction of waste ("muda"). It begins with the definition of the value chain for the customer and eliminates small steps all activities that do not generate value. The underlying philosophy of kaizen leads to a continuous improvement which is implemented at all levels of the company, not a "big step" made one day but "a million small continuous steps to achieve the highest goal."
In recent years have been launched several sites where we could learn about and apply the methodologies 5 S aimed at improving their own workplace, materializing the proposals and ideas of each individual operator.
We now involved all departments of our production and the "wave" of change now also arrived in the offices.