Invar Core Conductors (TACIR, KTACIR, ZTACIR)


This is the most common solution for repowering the existing lines.
These conductors use a special steel alloy Fe-Ni (Invar) which main characteristic is the very low thermal expansion coefficient. Invar is covered by a thin layer of aluminium extruded on it which prevent the corrosion and the wire is identified by the acronym ACI (Aluminium Clad Invar).
The conductive external layers are made of a super thermal resistant Al-Zr alloy which operating temperature can reach the 210°C.
The main point of this product family are:

  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion which limit the increasing of temperature with high temperature
  • Mechanical properties very similar to ACSR
  • Easy installation, using the same installation method of standard ACSR conductors
  • High corrosion resistance of core thanks to the use of ACI
  • They are suitable to replace ACSR in all the orographic conditions