High performance fibre glass insulated winding wires


The production of conductors covered with fiberglass externally is an established technology in the plants De Angeli Prodotti. Thanks to the flexibility of our systems, combined with many years of experience gained by our operators, you can create various types of products: circular and rectangular section, copper or aluminum, with normal and increased electrical insulation. De Angeli Prorotti always has the goal to satisfy the most demanding market requirements.



The semi-metal (copper or aluminum) is carefully prepared respecting the mechanical and dimensional characteristics required by the customer; product quality is guaranteed by laboratory support, which verifies compliance with the specifications.
The isolation process takes place in our enamelling department. In this phase the conductor is covered by insulating material. The laboratory re-certifies compliance with the required characteristics, ensuring the highest quality of the finished product.



The wires and strips of copper and aluminum, can be equipped with different types of insulating material:

  • Naked coated with impregnated glass fiber (maximum three layers)
  • covered the naked with Daglas® (maximum three layers)
  • Enamel (PEI + PAI) coated with impregnated fiberglass (max three layers)
  • Enamel (PEI + PAI) coated with Daglas® (maximum three layers)

The buildings above are generally performed according to the following rules:

  • IEC 60317-0-4
  • IEC 60317-31
  • IEC 60317-32

On request additional configurations are available:

  • applying resin impregnating the coating of Daglas®
  • enamel application on cementing insulation outer layer
  • special insulating training on customer request


De Angeli Prodotti is able to provide a great variety of wires and strips of copper and aluminum externally coated glass fiber, in order to ensure optimized performance for each application.