GAP-Type Conductors


These conductors have a special construction: between the steel core and the trapezoidal aluminum external layers there is a gap filled by a special grease.
The main aspect of this type of conductor is The Possibility of sliding between external layers and the core. Steel and aluminum are independent, so the external layer may rest on the steel core at high temperatures.
The external conductive layers are made of a super thermal resistant Al-Zr alloy Which operating temperatures can reach the 210 ° C.
The main point of this product family are:

  • Tension the core and the external layer Independently to have the knee-point at the installation temperature
  • Limiting the sag Increase with the Increase of the temperature by the thermal expansion coefficient above knee-points related to the steel core
  • Maintaining the mechanical strength of the conductor with continuous operating temperatures up to 210 ° C
  • This technology Requires skilled specialist for installation phase.
  • It's suitable to replace ACSR in flat lands or with small difference in level