The first MEET-ing in De Angeli Prodotti

In the last days the first MEET-ing took place with external companies working on the energy field.

Meet-Ing Logo

The technical workshop involved many colleagues, and has opened the door of our factory to several figures and National companies, that are working at 360° on the energy area, dealing with:

  • overhead power lines design
  • electrical substations
  • transformers
  • etc.

Meet-Ing De Angeli Prodotti

The morning has been spent in classroom between knowledge and information introduced by the commercial team and the engeneers; ending in the afternoon with the factory tour on the wards, to see our own company reality.
MEET-ing has been a big chance to compare and introduce us across the energy and overhead power lines landscape, which is giving us satisfaction and reasons of pride all over the world.
It’s been a pleasure for us to see all the partecipants enthusiastic on our products and know-how.
We are hopeful that from this first experience, new opportunities and possibilities for partnerships could blossom, for an even more innovative future.