De Angeli Prodotti and TCH guests of EA Technology

On March 8th, De Angeli Prodotti and TCH De Angeli had the opportunity to attend an interesting conference in Chester (UK) organized by the company EA Technology, which allowed them to learn about new studies on overhead conductors, on their effects on the territory and on practical applications of new generation components.

In this context of innovation, De Angeli Prodotti has been able to present the technologies and the flagship products of its portfolio, finding considerable interest from the participants in the conference. The presentation on the innovations of De Angeli Prodotti has ranged from the conductors with carbon fiber core to those with kevlar core presenting its main strengths; we then moved on to surface treatments and anti-icing solutions, which applied to the whole range of bare conductors produced by our company. Finally, we present the technology at the base of conductors in aluminum alloy with high conductivity.

The occasion also served to confirm our presence, and in particular that of TCH De Angeli given the geographical proximity, in the UK market with all the technologies specifically requested by the particular market: aluminum alloy conductor Araucaria, GAP Type Matthew , HTLS of first and second generation. The experience was very positive for us, motivating and full of stimuli for future developments of our technologies.