Cigré and Cired in the Balkans area

In the last period De Angeli Prodotti has had the opportunity to successfully present its product portfolio in 2 Cigré events and more precisely in Romania (Bucharest) and Croatia (Sibenik).
They were the occasion of direct meetings with local customers and partners, such as Elektro Merkur, recording particular interest in the innovations we have developed for the renewal of the network (which are subject to maintenance in this area) to support the economic development of the country as well.

logo cigré cired

The Cigré and CIRED events are always the occasion for direct collection of customer needs and inspiration for new commercial, technological and research initiatives.
De Angeli Prodotti will not fail to be noticed in all the national Cigré and CIRED events, as well as the always highly anticipated international Parisian Cigré scheduled for next August 2018.
You will surely notice us!