The business mission to Iran

De Angeli Prodotti tooks part in the business mission in Tehran, focused on agro-industry, infrastructure / construction and transport and Oil & Gas.
Among the main organizers: Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ice - Agency for the foreign promotion and the internationalization of Italian companies, Confindustria.
300 representatives from 200 Italian business companies participated to the mission. Each company had the chance to interfaced with the reality of the country and the possibilities to cooperate with the local business, in order to be an active part in Iran for the development of investments and collaborations.
During their stay in Iran they have followed several meetings with institutions, useful to highlight the strategic position of the country, that counts 400 million people in the Middle East area.
De Angeli Prodotti had an opportunity to introduce its products and to set the stage for collaborations with local companies, showing the special conductors HTLS (High Thermal Low Sag), for which it achieves a leader worldwide positionĀ 
One of De Angeli Prodotti strengths is the ability to create forefront conductors that meet the different needs of each customer, focusing on efficiency and innovation.

business mission iran conferencebusiness mission iran conference