Best Paths - Demo 3: a video to present our innovative technological solutions!

Cameras and spotlights have appeared in De Angeli Prodotti to prove the research activities that are developed within the European Best Paths Program where our company is part of.
The activity comprises 39 partners from 11 European countries and aims to develop new technologies to increase the transmission capacity and flexibility of the European electrical system with the objective of reducing CO2 emissions.
The project brings together world-class partners in five groups, called Demo, to validate technical feasibility, costs, impacts, and benefits for developing high-voltage DC lines.
Some partners have developed new wind turbine technologies, others have improved power management systems, we have developed two new conductors for overhead lines with state-of-the-art performance and latest generation materials.
best paths demo 3 best paths demo 3 best paths demo 3 best paths demo 3 best paths demo 3

The future starts from today. Enjoy the show!