Acquisition of Ezio Selva's machineries: extended capacity and new products

De Angeli Prodotti announces the acquisition of all the machineries belonging to the Italian winding wires’ manufacturer Ezio Selva.

ezio selva srl

We are proud to give continuity to the industrial Italian excellence that Selva represented through the years, integrating their equipment in our Bagnoli di Sopra plant.

This important acquisition is strategical to improve our service level, furtherly expanding our product range.

Our extended production capacity will allow us to sensibly shorten delivery terms on flat wires, widening our offer in the field of wrapped multiple conductors, large dimension bare conductors, and integrating our offer with the new Polymide/Kapton® insulated wires; it will give us the chance to develop always better solutions, innovations and services for today’s energy market, demanding and complex every day more.